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Plastic Fork Mould Manufacturers

Number of cavities: can be matched according to the model
Material of front and rear die: domestic 2344/s136
Mold base material: P20/4Cr13/customer specified
Runner: cold runner, needle point, needle valve
Applicable raw materials: PP/PS/PLA
Advantages of fork and spoon molds: In addition to producing molds for disposable food packaging, we also have a knife, fork and spoon mold manufacturing department in order to cater to most foreign eating habits. Fork and spoon molds combined with automatic packaging line, the products can be automatically dropped, automatically stacked, automatically packed, high efficiency, intelligence, less labor, no pollution throughout the process, to ensure the sterility of food packaging.
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Ningbo Hengqi Precision Mould Co., Ltd. is professional China Plastic Fork Mould Manufacturers and custom Plastic Fork Mould factory, engaged in the development and manufacture of thin-wall packaging moulds. Our company has complete manufacturing equipment, scientific quality management system, rich practical experience in mould and hot runner production, combined with professional system design, using high-precision high-speed machining centers to achieve mold processing high standards.Hengqi Mould is in the leading position in the field of thin-wall injection molds in China. It produces thousands of sets of PP lunch boxes, cups and in-mold labeling system molds with a wall thickness of 0.35-0.45MM each year, which are supplied to the domestic market and exported to overseas.Hengqi Mould adheres to the spirit of continuous innovation and development of precision moluds.
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Plastic Fork Mould Manufacturers

Synopsis Of Plastic Fork Mould:
A plastic fork mould is a tool used in the manufacturing process of plastic forks. The mould is made of steel and is designed to create the shape and size of the plastic fork.
The plastic fork mould is made up of two halves that fit together tightly. The plastic material is injected into the mould through a small opening called a sprue. The plastic material fills the mould and takes on the shape of the mould, creating the form of the fork.
Once the plastic material has cooled and hardened, the two halves of the mould are separated, and the newly formed plastic fork is removed. The process can be repeated multiple times, creating a large quantity of plastic forks in a short amount of time.
The plastic fork mould design can vary depending on the manufacturer's requirements. Some designs may include additional features such as branding or specific textures on the surface of the fork.

Advantage Of Plastic Fork Mould:
Consistent quality: Plastic fork moulds can produce consistent and uniform forks, ensuring that each fork has the same dimensions and quality.
High efficiency: The use of plastic fork moulds allows for high-speed production of plastic forks, resulting in higher productivity and faster delivery times.
Cost-effective: Compared to other manufacturing methods, plastic fork moulds are a cost-effective solution for producing large quantities of plastic forks.
Flexibility: Plastic fork moulds can be designed to produce forks in a variety of shapes and sizes, making it possible to meet different customer requirements and preferences.
Reduced waste: The use of plastic fork moulds can significantly reduce waste in the manufacturing process, as the moulds can be designed to minimize excess plastic material and reduce the need for trimming and finishing.

Applicable Of Plastic Fork Mould:
Food and beverage industry: Plastic forks are commonly used in restaurants, fast-food chains, and other food service establishments. Plastic fork moulds are used to produce large quantities of plastic forks that are hygienic, lightweight, and convenient for use.
Retail industry: Plastic forks are also widely used in the retail industry, particularly in supermarkets and grocery stores. Plastic fork moulds can be used to produce forks in different colors, shapes, and sizes to meet customer preferences.
Packaging industry: Plastic forks are sometimes used as part of product packaging, particularly for ready-to-eat meals and other food products. Plastic fork moulds can produce forks that are customized to fit specific packaging requirements.
Healthcare industry: Plastic forks are also used in the healthcare industry, particularly in hospitals and other medical facilities. Plastic fork moulds can produce disposable forks that are hygienic and prevent the spread of infections.
Catering and events industry: Plastic forks are also commonly used in catering and events, such as weddings, parties, and other social gatherings. Plastic fork moulds can be used to produce forks that are customized to fit specific themes and styles.
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